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1 day ago
The "Snapshots from EōN" box is out this Friday. Can’t wait to discuss it with you and answer some of your questions during the Facebook livestream tomorrow at 7pm CET. You still can submit questions here.
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3 days ago
we will do a live q&a on Friday – you can already post your questions here in the comments
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1 week ago
Can't wait to meet you all in Rennes at Espace Ouest France in 10 days, where I will be signing copies of my book.
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2 weeks ago
Unique moment visiting magnificent Hegra, Al Ula, UNESCO World Heritage site.
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2 weeks ago
En route pour la signature de #melancoliquerodeo à la FNAC de Bordeaux. À tout à l’heure!
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3 weeks ago
Just finishing signing the 2000 certificates for the EōN boxset, took me 7 hours!
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3 weeks ago
This limited edition boxset Includes : - 2 vinyl Picture discs (1&2), - 1 CD of the vinyl Picture discs 1 & 2, - 1 exclusive CD "Snapshot 3 from EōN", - 1 coffee table art book, - a hand-signed numbered certificate of authenticity
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3 weeks ago
«EON» is an ancient Greek God associated with Time & Eternity. The «time» represented by EON is infinite and unbounded in the sense of «ages» and «forever». In cosmology, geology or astronomy, EON is often used in reference to a period of a billion years… I named this project EōN, as it best defines exactly what it is – EōN is a never ending, never repetitive, organic art-piece that will live & grow forever in everyone’s own singular space-time continuum. This limited edition "Snapshots from EōN" box-set is comprised of singular «one-moment-in-time» audio snapshots personally chosen by me in the process of the musical creation of the EōN infinite music app. If you want to be among the lucky owners of the physical copy, "Snapshots from EōN" box-set is available for pre-order. Link in bio.
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4 weeks ago
I always wanted to create a music specific for each listener and which could constantly evolve. Here it is. EōN is conceived & composed for your own infinite journey! However, here, in this exclusive & limited edition Box, I felt compelled to «freeze» some of my personal favorite music moments during the entire creative process; audio snapshots that neither of us will never ever hear again… as EōN, the App, produces my composition in the form of infinite, ever evolutive music, abundant in variations. Now, keeping in mind that the magic of EōN is that it lives its own always-unique orchestration, on every device, upon every launch - inside this Box, I just selfishly wanted to capture a few audio snapshots for my own posterity… Which you happy few also get to share! Pre-order "Snapshots from EōN" now and it will be dispatched to you a week prior to release. Link in bio.
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1 month ago
Available now. Link in Bio.
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1 month ago
Merci Librairie Kleber Strasbourg !
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1 month ago
Maison de la poésie in Paris last night - a great moment! Un grand moment hier soir à Paris avec Maison de la poésie!
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