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19 hours ago
Here I have 2 NFL athletes & GSP sponsored pros @taylorheinicke and @imjulianwilliams performing a single leg landmine RDL & hang clean. A majority of explosive power movements I do with my athletes are relatively simple bilateral movements such as jumps, Olympic lifts, plyometrics, & med ball drills. However I periodically like to incorporate explosive movements that also address unilateral power, stability, mobility, motor control, & contralateral activation between upper & lower body limbs. This drill does just that. Remember, it’s one thing to produce high levels of power, it’s another thing to control it. High levels of power & explosiveness without the ability to control it are useless as it’s simply setting the individual up for injury. Additionally just because someone can produce high power doesn’t mean that have good stability, symmetry between legs, balance, motor control, stability & coordinated movement. It’s drills like these that when periodically incorporated help to both expose & address these weaknesses. Lastly you’ll notice I often incorporate eccentric isometrics on power moves as shown here with the RDL. That’s because it helps the athlete fine-tune their positioning & improve control. They may not necessarily have as high of power output during the actual drill but once they return to traditional explosive movements they’ll be able to produce greater power with better control due to improved body mechanics & activation patterns. Learn more about my top unique 30 landmine drills in full article at LINK IN BIO or copy paste Also sign up for my daily workouts with TRAINING REDEFINED on my website which includes traditional strength movements & unique drills like these. #olympiclifting #glutetraining #posteriorchain #hiphinge #RDL  #hipmobility #lifting #strengthtraining #drjoelseedman #eccentricisometrics #sprint #sprinter #sprinting #running #explosive #explosiveness #explosivetraining #explosivepower #jump #sportsperformance #speedtraining #olympiclifts #olympiclift #hangclean #hangcleans #landmine #landmineworkout #landmineexercises #balance #stability
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1 day ago
Here I have WNBA pro basketball player & Olympian @yelenaleu performing eccentric isometric goblet squats with 90 degree joint angles. And no, 90 deg and parallel aren’t the same. 4 reasons I wanted to post this. 1. I’m frequently asked what training modifications I make for taller athletes. The answer is “very few” as the human body actually performs quite similarly from athlete to athlete when trained properly. Simply put, when you use optimal 90 degree joint angles, there’s very little that has to be changed regardless of whether the athlete is 5”0’ or 6”6’. The one key exception is that I will rarely have them deadlift from the floor but instead will have them pull from blocks to maintain optimal 90 deg joint angles. 2. 80% of the training I do with my athletes involves basic foundational movements performed with 90 deg eccentric isometrics. Before they are allowed to perform advanced unique moves, they first have to master the basics. However, even after the basics are mastered, the fancy exercise (which accounts for 20% or less of the training) are never meant to replace but instead are implemented in addition to the basics. 3. Another question I’m often asked is what squat variations I typically use with new athletes. My go to squats with new athletes are dumbbell squats (dumbbell held between the legs), goblet squats, kettlebell squats, & front curled squats. 4. Lastly, many folks will ask how often I use eccentric isometrics & if I use them during the first stages of training. The answer is YES I use eccentric isometrics from the beginning (as well as all stages) as this is the very tool that helps the athlete learn proper movement & fine-tune their body positioning. Learn more about mastering your movement in my book MOVEMENT REDEFINED at LINK IN BIO. #gobletsquats #gobletsquat #biomechanics #squat #squats #squatting #barbellsquats #barbellsquat #squatfordays #squatguide #squatday #squateveryday #squatgoals #squatlife #squatsfordays #backsquat #backsquats #powerlifting #weighttraining #strengthtraining #drjoelseedman #eccentricisometrics #legday #exercisescience #sportscience #sportsscience #bodybuilding #strengthcoach
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2 days ago
Before you go nuts saying this is a crazy and pointless exercise allow me to explain to you why the single arm trap bar deadlift is in fact an effective and simple exercise to periodically include. All you need is 2 boxes or benches and a trap bar. When it comes to single arm deadlifts most variations are either limited by the weight of the dumbbell or kettlebell (i.e. 100 is standard for most gyms), instability from a traditional barbell (i.e. suitcase deadlifts), or grip strength. This trap bar deadlift variation overcomes all 3 of these issues.  In this video I’m actually using 225 lbs which is substantially heavier than any kettlebell or dumbbell. Additionally, grip strength is not an issue like it would be with other loading tools as the hanging nature of the trap bar causes these to sit very naturally in the hands. I can typically grip 120-135 lbs before my grip slips. This easily allowed me to hold an additional 100 pounds over that. Furthermore, because of the hanging nature of the trap bar there’s little instability compared to a traditional single arm barbell deadlift which typically wants to tilt and rotate. Lastly, the hanging nature of the trap bar causes the weight to stay right under your center of mass producing a very low back friendly position that transfers exceptionally well to deadlifts & squats. Now with that said these are more of an upper body dominant deadlift as your legs won’t necessarily get blasted. However the upper back, traps, lats, grip, shoulders, core, & spinal stabilizers get pummeled. This is something I would use on upper body dominant day or on a day where I’m looking to train the deadlift or squat with high effort yet place less stress & loading on my spine. Sign up for daily workouts at LINK IN BIO. #deadlift #deadlifts #trapbar #trapbardeadlift #legday #powerlifting #fitness #bodybuilding #workouts #workout #training #strengthtraining #weighttraining #legday #deadlifting #deadliftday #functionalbodybuilding #workoutmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessjourney #fitnessaddict #fitnessinspiration #fitnesscoach #fitnessgoal #weights #bodybuildingmotivation #keepmoving #igfitness #drjoelseedman
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3 days ago
Here I have NFL quarterback and GSP sponsored pro @taylorheinicke performing underhand grip T-bar rows. Notice how I also have him using an RDL reset protocol every 2 reps rather than just having him go straight through the set without resetting. This is something I use on a majority of bent over rows & T-bar rows with my athletes. Here’s why. On bent over rows and T-bar rows it’s quite for the low back & spinal stabilizers to greatly fatigue, causing these areas to fail before the upper back. As a result you’ll often see form & posture gradually deteriorate throughout the set. Rather than holding a bent over position & completing all repetitions of the rowing movement, a better solution is to reset after several reps by performing an additional RDL & repeating this several times per set. Each time you stand up and perform an RDL you’re able to re-set the spine and allow the low back musculature to have momentary rest before repeating the sequence several times for the set. Not only will your form be significantly more dialed in but your low back will be less likely to fatigue and give out before your upper back & lats. This allows for greater strength and hypertrophy stimulus to the upper back and lats. It also acts as a great 2 in 1 exercises as you’re now performing your rowing movement as well as hip hinge exercise. As an added bonus the modified rest pause or cluster set protocol allows the lifter to handle heavier loads ultimately leading to greater strength & mass gains. Read more about my top 10 favorite rowing exercises in full article at LINK IN BIO or copy paste #backworkout #backday #lats #buildmuscle #drjoelseedman #bentoverrow #functionalbodybuilding #hypertrophy #rowtogrow #tbarrow #tbarrows #bentoverrows #muscle #muscles #musclebuilding #lowback #lowbackpain #posture #upperback #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #bodybuildingmotivation #strengthandconditioning #musclemass #hardgainer #buildingmuscle #liftheavy #gainmuscle #trainsmart #leanmuscle
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4 days ago
Here I have my awesome client & national level NPC figure competitor @lpetchlee1 performing a deceptively difficult windmill side plank with the landmine station. The ability to transmit force & coordinate neuromuscular recruitment between the hips, core, & upper torso is vital for athletic performance as well as heavy strength training. The side windmill plank is one of the few exercises that requires the hips, upper torso, glutes, core, & feet to work together synergistically in one controlled high-tension isometric. Essentially what you’re doing during the windmill plank is resisting rotation, lateral flexion of the spine, & lateral hip collapse as gravity is attempting to drive your hips towards the floor. To fight these forces you’ll be required to fire the glute medius, internal & obliques transverse abs, & quadratus lumborum muscles. In fact the windmill plank targets the same muscle groups you’ll commonly see individuals in the gym attempting to stimulate with side bends and core rotational exercises only this time the exercise actually works. In addition to improving functional movement patterns, posture, and spinal positioning, you’ll be strengthening numerous stabilizers from head to toe rather than just isolating one small muscle. Performing these on the landmine station exponentially increases rotational forces the lifter must resist due to the swiveling nature of the landmine station that wants to rotate with even the slightest form deviation. If you notice from the top view Leslie’s body is perfectly stacked & forms a straight line.  Otherwise it’s nearly impossible to complete these. Learn more about my top 15 windmill planks in full article at LINK IN BIO or copy paste #abs #core #plank #plankchallenge #drjoelseedman #coreworkouts #coreworkout #abworkout #absworkout #abworkouts #absandcore #corestability #antirotation #coretraining #bodybuilding #lowback #backpain #lowbackpain #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #workout #sideplank #sideplanks #sideplankvariation #landmine #landmineworkout #landmineexercises #strongwomen #stronger
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5 days ago
***STOP COLLAPSING on Dumbbell CHEST PRESSES!!!! Here I have NFL athlete & Cincinnati Bengals running back @jordanellis_____ performing an incline dumbbell chest press using proper range of motion (approximately 90 degrees). Just like squats or any other movement pattern the goal is optimal ROM not excessive ROM.  This typically occurs at 90 deg especially on large compound movements such as squats, presses, pulls, hinges, & lunges. Unfortunately many folks use dumbbells on chest presses to achieve a greater ROM & greater stretch. This represents a faulty & counterproductive method as you end up overstretching the tendons, ligaments & connective tissue while also allowing the muscles to relax to varying degrees in order to allow for such an excessive ROM.  Instead, dumbbells should be used for the sake of hitting each limb independently as well as for providing a shoulder & joint friendly pressing option as the neutral grip feels very comfortably & safe for most athletes. Jordan is also using a brief eccentric isometric protocol to help him dial in his mechanics & find the optimal 90 deg stopping point as eccentric isometrics help the lifter fine tune their form due to the enhanced proprioceptive feedback. In fact it’s almost impossible to go significantly past 90 provided you stay tight & lock your posture in as you would literally have to sacrifice maximal full body tension as well as alignment in order to achieve greater depth. This is not dissimilar to what occurs during a deep ATG squat or any movement where you go past 90.  Read more in my book MOVEMENT REDEFINED. Lastly you’ll notice Jordan is using a hollow body leg raise protocol. This provides 7 unique benefits.  Read more in full article at LINK IN BIO #chestpress #chestworkout #benchpress #bench #chestpump  #chestexercise #powerlifting #powerlifter #physicaltherapy #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #pectorals #physicaltherapy #weighttraining #benchpressing #sportsperformance #athleticperformance #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #bodybuild #functionalbodybuilding #bodybuildinglifestyle #dumbbell #dumbbells #dumbbellpress #dumbbellworkout #inclinepress #fitnesslifestyle
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6 days ago
Here I have my awesome athlete @benlaitheasianguy performing a unique eccentric isometric hip hinge jump that not only increase both the difficulty of front loaded good mornings but also has tremendous functional carryover to athletic performance and sports. The combination of knee drive, hip extension, front loading, and unilateral weight distribution, does wonders not only for improving jumping mechanics but also for improving running form and sprint technique as it teaches the lifter how to maintain proper alignment during contralateral knee drive and hip extension patterns. It also has tremendous benefits for teaching proper force absorption and deceleration mechanics as the lifter must brace every muscle in their body when landing in order to maintain balance and control of their body.  Furthermore these absolutely blast the glutes and hamstrings as well as smaller lower body stabilizers. Similar to most movements, I recommend performing them with an eccentric isometric protocol as this not only increases tension and motor unit recruitment to the targeted musculature but it also helps the athlete dial in their mechanics and fine-tune their positioning.  For advanced single leg movements it’s also one of the only ways you can consistently maintain balance and motor control throughout the set.  Read more about eccentric isometrics and optimizing body mechanics in my book MOVEMENT REDEFINED. Also read more about good mornings and my 20 favorite variations in full article at #glutes #glute #gluteworkout #glutesworkout #glutetraining #hamstring #hamstrings #posteriorchain #hiphinge #hipmobility #lifting #strengthtraining #movementismedicine #exerciseismedicine #drjoelseedman #eccentricisometrics #eccentricisometric #sprint #sprinter #sprinting #running #run #explosive #explosiveness #explosivetraining #explosivepower #jump #sportsperformance #speedtraining
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1 week ago
Here I have 2 of my awesome NFL athletes & GSP sponsored pros @_hit_mann and @96_trel_44 performing 90 degree eccentric isometric squats. Before I get into eccentric isometrics I wanted to point out that squatting somewhere between 90 and parallel is optimal for human beings. And no 90 and parallel are not the same. A squat with 90 deg joint angles ends up being10-20 deg above parallel and parallel squats end up being 10-20 deg below 90. So will squatting deeper provide any benefit? Of course, for many folks an ass-to-grass squat will provide some benefit. However there will also be some consequences (eventually). Remember just because the human body can do something doesn’t mean that it should. Additionally, the human body is capable of many incredible things. However, not all of them are beneficial. And before you use the 3rd world squat analogy, just remember a passive 3rd world ATG squat is an entirely different movement than an active athletic squat. One is used for the purposes of chilling & hanging out and the other is used used for producing and absorbing force. Stop confusing the 2 as they serve 2 entirely different purposes. As for eccentric isometrics this simply describes a specific form of tempo or pause training. However the athlete uses their own somatosensory feedback & proprioception to find their optimal squat position. The 90 deg squat isn’t something I actually coach. Instead the athlete inevitably ends up finding it on their own if they employ proper eccentric isometrics. If they find a deeper position is better then I’ll gladly allow them to train that way. However I’ve yet to see a single case where this occurs. Read more in full article at LINK IN BIO or copy paste #injuryprevention #sportsinjury #squat #squats #squatting #barbellsquats #barbellsquat #squatfordays #squatguide #squatday #squateveryday #squatgoals #squatlife #squatsfordays #backsquat #backsquats #powerlifting #weightlifting #weighttraining #strengthtraining #drjoelseedman #eccentricisometrics #bodybuilding #strengthcoach #atgsquats #asstograss #asstograsssquats
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1 week ago
Here I have MLB pro baseball players @austinmeadows13 and @parkermeadows03_ performing a potentiation superset. The bottoms up deadlift squat shown by Austin provides a very unique stimulus. Here’s what I mean. Bottoms up squats are great for cleaning up squat mechanics. Unfortunately they don’t quite overload the lower body enough to trigger an ample hypertrophy or strength stimulus in the legs. This Bottoms-Up Cross Loaded Kettlebell Deadlift Squat provides the best of both worlds as we reap the benefits associated with bottoms up squats while also getting substantial overload with the band deadlift. For instance during this particular set the bottoms up kettlebell is 30 lbs & the total load for the band resisted kettlebell is approximately 125 in the bottom position & 200 lbs at the top. The intense activation also produces high levels of neural potentiation which is why I superset these with single leg jumps to take advantage of the post activation potentiation effect. This jump shown by Parker involves single leg jump squats with bumper plates. Notice how both athletes are using brief eccentric isometrics to help dial in their mechanics. Read more in my book MOVEMENT REDEFINED. The use of bumper plates teaches the athlete how to stay tight during both the jumping & landing phases as intense grip activation has been shown to produce concurrent activation potentiation (CAP) and full body tension. In other words it helps eliminate energy leaks. As a result this creates greater neural drive working extremities thereby enhancing spinal rigidity, force absorption capabilities, power output, & proper biomechanics. See my top 25 jumping exercises in full article at LINK IN BIO or copy paste #weightlifting #powerlifting #fitness #bodybuilding #posture #workouts #workout #training #athletic #squat #squats #deadlift #deadlifts #kettlebells #kettlebell #athleticperformance #sportsperformance #legday #legworkout #jump #explosive #kinesiology #sportscience #exercisescience #jumphigh #drjoelseedman #injuryprevention #sportsinjury #kettlebellworkout
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1 week ago
Here I have one of my awesome 64 year old clients @rebeccaschaperauthor performing eccentric isometrics kneeling bicep curls (yes, she gave me permission to state her age). I’ve only been training Rebecca for 4 months & she’s made incredible progress as we’ve focused on using eccentric isometrics on basic compound movements while periodically throwing in unique exercises to address motor control, balance, & stability. For most of my clients 80% of the exercises are fundamental & the other 20% are unique & advanced. Just because I post many unique variations doesn’t mean those comprise a majority of the workouts. In fact, it’s just the opposite. By hammering the basics with eccentric isometrics this helps us master our body mechanics so that when presented with advanced exercises our body is prepared. I wanted to post an eccentric isometric biceps curl as I’ve had many questions on how eccentric isometrics can be applied to isolation drills. When performing isolation movements such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, leg curls, & leg extensions I’ve found the key for using eccentric isometrics is to not fully extend the joint & stop approximately 20 degrees short of lockout. This is different than compound or multi joint movements as there are multiple joints involved and completing the movement through full extension is ideal. For isolation movements this can place excessive tension on the joint. One factor both isolation movements & compound movements have in common is stopping at approximately 90 deg when in the flexed position. Learn more about eccentric isometric in my book MOVEMENT REDEFINED On that note today is the last day of my sale for hitting the 100K follower milestone where I’m offering $100 off my book MOVEMENT REDEFINED which also includes 30+ eccentric isometric training programs (code: OFF100). LINK IN BIO #biceps #bicep #armday #armworkout #armdayeveryday #bicepworkout #bicepsworkout #bicepscurl #bicepcurl #bicepday #bicepsday #bodybuilder #muscle #muscles #musclebuilding #powerbuilding #functionalbodybuilding #hypertrophy #lifting #training #fitness #workout #drjoelseedman #eccentricisometrics #bodybuilding #strongwomen
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1 week ago
Here I have 2 of my NFL athletes and GSP sponsored pros @28_beckwith and @_hit_mann demonstrating an eccentric overload pullup. Eccentric overload is one of the most effective methods for building functional strength and hypertrophy as well as bulletproofing the joints and connective tissue. Although there are a few ways to accomplish this with pullups and chin-ups as I demonstrate in my article (link below), I’ve found that the knee flexion method using a plate placed onto the back of the legs/calves is the most conducive for loading and deloading the weight each repetition. Besides crushing the lats, upper back, and biceps with supramaximal loading these also torch the hamstrings making them a brutally effective functional strength and hypertrophy exercise for the entire posterior chain. Don’t be surprised if the first few reps the lifter experiences greater power output and strength than normal on the concentric phase due to the hyper-activation and potentiation response produced from the supramaximal negative phase. Also reminder, only 2 days left on my sale for the 100K follower milestone.  I’m offering a few massive discount sales including $100 off my book 600 page MOVEMENT REDEFINED (link in bio) which also includes 30+ eccentric isometric training programs (code: OFF100). I’m also offering $100 off my daily member workouts TRAINING REDEFINED (daily workouts for less than $2 per day). Use code OFF100 at checkout for each individual purchase.  Additionally you can get 20% off any other product on my website with code OFF20%. See link in bio for more. You can also read more about eccentric overload training in my full article at #pullups #pullup #chinup #latspread #chinups #calisthenics #lats #backworkout #backday #drjoelseedman #bodyweighttraining #bodyweightworkout #upperback #strengthtraining #weighttraining #backtraining #igfitness #igfit #training #lifting #fitnesstips #pullupchallenge #pullupsfordays #fitspo #hamstringworkout #instafit #naturalbodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #eccentrictraining
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1 week ago
Here I have one of my awesome clients & national level figure competitor @lpetchlee1 performing a brutally intense offset leverage pushup. Think of this as a pushup & Pallof press combined into one highly advanced movement. I’ve been on a bit of an offset loading craze lately (see article link in bio). After seeing the neutral version of this performed by @drjohnrusin I decided to take the offset leverage loading method I highlighted in last week’s overhead press & apply it to pushups. The combination is devastating on the upper body, core & abs as well as the hips as your entire body will be working overtime to resist rotation & tilting. Additionally you’ll be pushing to the opposite direction that the bar wants to tilt which creates even greater core & upper body activation. Furthermore the arm with the hand on the outside collar will be bearing the brunt of the load making this feel a bit like a single arm push-up. The level of stability, full body tension, motor control, spinal rigidity, & dialed in mechanics needed to successfully complete these is through the roof. Additionally, you’ll be forced to use the eccentric isometric protocol with 90 degree joint angles in order to successfully complete these.  Read more about eccentric isometrics in my book Movement Redefined. On that note and as a big THANK YOU to everyone for helping me hit the 100K follower milestone, I’m offering several sales including $100 off my book MOVEMENT REDEFINED which also includes 30+ eccentric isometric training programs (code: OFF100). I’m also offering $100 off my daily member workouts TRAINING REDEFINED (daily workouts for less than $2 per day). Use code OFF100 at checkout for each individual purchase. #pushup #chestday #chestworkout #chestpump  #chestexercise #powerlifting #bodybuilding #crossfit #chestdaybestday #lifting #strength #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #core #corestability #fitnesslife #fitnessaddict #exercise #weighttraining #bodybuilder #sportsperformance #strengthtraining #pushupchallenge #abs #stability #balance #coreworkout #fitnesschallenge #fitnessfreak #fitnesstrainer
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